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April 26, 2021
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Welcome To ZuriShares

Complexly simple, ZuriShares strongly believes in mutual growth and transparency of services we offer. While allowing to promote your business in our platform, Zurishares also allows you to earn daily earning towards your AdPack Shares. Actually, you will earn many times a day! Our Platform is open 24/7 providing the most of opportunities to everyone who decide to join.

 Our commitment to what matters is what makes our program even more independent, sustainable and profitable. 

With ZuriShares platform, you will be your own boss and be in control on your money.
Our team works around the clock to make sure our members always receive your daily profits.
ZuriShares also offers you great tools to advertise your business in our platform upon a purchase of an AdPack.

 ZuriShares will surely power your dreams and make each and every investment grow in profits.

Our AdPack Shares Plans

Plan 1

  • Daily Cap : 2.5%
  • Maturity: 125%
  • Plan Duration: 50 Days
  • Principal Return: Yes
  • Banner Ad: 100 Credits
  • Text Ad : 100 Credits
  • Login Ad : 1 Day
  • T.E. Credits : 100 Clicks
  • Max Withdrawal: $500 Daily
  • Surfing Not required 

Plan 2

  • Daily Cap : 3%
  • Maturity: 130%
  • Plan Duration: 44 Days
  • Principal Return: Yes
  • Banner Ads: 400 Credits
  • Text Ads : 400 Credits
  • Login Ad : 2 Days
  • T.E. Credits : 400 Clicks
  • Max Withdrawal: $500 Daily
  • Surfing Not required 

Plan 3

  • Daily Cap: 5%
  • Maturity: 150%
  • Plan Duration: 30 Days
  • Principal Return: Yes
  • Banner Credits : 1000 Credits
  • Text Credits : 1000 Day
  • Login Ad : 5 Days
  • T.E. Credits : 1000 Clicks
  • Max Withdrawal: $500 Daily
  • Surfing Not required 

Our Products


Earn Without Surfing Ads

Imagine a system where allows you to earn with a minimum effort. ZuriShares is the one program that allows you to earn without worrying about daily surfing. A powerful and limitless program to earn indefinitely. With ZuriShares, you don’t have to worry about log in daily to surf ads or be concerned about not earning the day when you are not able to surf.

SURFING FREE is what we are about. Let our system do the job for you. Your job is to just log into your account and cashout your earnings ,or buy more AdShares to increase your daily earnings. You withdraw up to $500 daily, per account. Sit back, relax and earn. Start earning in the next hour just by following 3 steps:

1. Register and login
2. Buy Ad Shares
3. Cashout your earnings.

Referral Commission

Join the ZuriShares referral program to get attractive passive income with minimum efforts. Refer new users and get excellent bonuses. we are offering 2 levels of deep referral commission to our partners. You will earn every time your referrals buy AdPacks.


Level 1


Level 2